Scorecard 2.2.5

Take your golfing game to the next level


  • Records all major golfing aspects
  • Easy to fill in and follow
  • Displays stat graphs
  • Integrates with iPhone


  • Displays validation error message between screens
  • Takes some patience to fill in everything

I'm no Tiger Woods. I'm not even a Nick Faldo, but I do know my bogeys from my bunkers and my drivers from my putters.

Scorecard is designed for those that want to know a whole lot more about their game, providing you with comprehensive golf stats to help you become a better player. Scorecard promises to help highlight your weak points in order to understand where you need to improve. You can choose from 18 and 9-hole rounds, display your performance in graphical form, and add extra little notes for each hole played.

To help monitor what might be influencing your game, Scorecard allows you to insert 'Markers', which may coincide with when you tried a new club, balls, a different technique, etc. Of course, it's hard to remember all of these things when you've come back from a round, which is why Scorecard offers iPhone sync support. As you go round, you can update Scorecard on your iPhone and then sync to your desktop using Scorecard Touch although you'll have to download this separately from the iTunes app store.

In addition to all this, there's just about every factor conceivable that can be tracked and recorded with scorecard, including wind speed, temperature and round type. The only problem I came across was a strange 'Multiple validation errors occurred' message every time I opened a new window. It didn't actually stop me using the program or affect it but it would definitely become annoying over time.

Whether you're an amateur trying to move up in the game or a professional who wants total control over their golf round stats, Scorecard is a complete solution.

Fixed crashing under Mac OS 10.4.11. Fixed the Scrambling total on web exports. Cleaned up HTML output.


  • Fixed crashing under Mac OS 10.4.11. Fixed the Scrambling total on web exports. Cleaned up HTML output.

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Scorecard 2.2.5

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